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Care and Repair (Northamptonshire) have some new funded services available across the County:

They are an independently managed charitable business and are one of the oldest Home Improvement Agencies in the country.
More details about the services are as follows:

Home Wellbeing Service:

Measures in the home to support a safe and secure environment and feelings of wellbeing. Includes home security improvements to doors and windows, falls prevention measures, minor adaptations such as grab rails etc, home safety measures including smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors and essential home repairs.

Surviving Winter Warm at Home Service:

Measures in the home to exclude draughts, maximise heat and energy efficiency through measures which include: draught exclusion to doors and windows, secondary glazing, radiator reflector foils, repairs to door and windows. We also work closely with Community Law Service to ensure clients are support with benefits maximisation, fuel debt, energy tariff switching and accessing eco grants.

Gas Safe Service:

Gas safe checks, servicing and repairs

Please call 01604 782250 or email office@careandrepairnorthamptonshire.org.uk for more information.